Tips for skin care in different seasons

Undoubtedly, skin is one of the most important factors in evaluating the beauty of people, especially women. There are several factors that affect both the protective properties of the skin and its beauty. Leaving aside aging and the undeniable effects they have on skin freshness, factors such as direct sunlight, cold and hot weather, dry skin, allergies and many other things can eventually expose your skin to various problems and sometimes Take seriously. In this article, we want to provide you with important and practical tips for skin care in different seasons of the year.

The importance of skin care in different seasons
Naturally, when the season changes, we all leave the clothes of the previous season and go to the clothes suitable for the new season. The skin of our face and body needs exactly the same amount of attention. In fact, in each season of the year, we should consider different tips and strategies for our skin care.

For example, in summer, due to direct sunlight and hot and dry weather in many parts of Iran, you should use sunscreen or suitable moisturizing creams. In autumn and winter, due to the cold weather and unfavorable weather conditions, you should choose the right clothes and also use moisturizing creams to prevent problems such as dry skin.

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