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The skin is a strong protective layer that air pollution can not easily penetrate. However, air pollution eventually damages the outer layer of the skin, weakening the protective layer and eventually allowing elements and particles suspended in the polluted air to enter the subcutaneous surfaces.

Note that even in remote areas of the city or villages, the effect of pollution on the skin can be seen. Air pollution is easily transported through the atmosphere, water and soil and can have a negative impact on the environment of villages and naturally people living in those areas. Air pollution has a devastating effect on the skin epidermis and increases sensitivity and aging. It will be premature. Air pollution disrupts the skin’s microbiome by disrupting the skin’s protective layers. Pollution particles accumulate in the pores of the skin, causing inflammation and problems such as acne and damage to deeper layers of the skin. This will lead to wrinkles and discoloration in these areas of the skin.

Many of the particles in air pollution are small enough to penetrate the weakened surface of the skin and cause problems for you. That is why taking care of the outer layer of the skin is very important for health and beauty.

The heaviness of the polluted air will filter the sunlight and thus disrupt the synthesis of vitamin D by the skin. In the long run, due to the free radicals that are present in the air of very polluted days, it will cause many skin effects for the people of the society.

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